Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park The area covered by the District Mae Mae Wang Thong district, Chiang Mai and Doi Lo District. With an area of approximately 482.4 square kilometers or 301,500 hectares, comprising high mountain complex. Doi Inthanon, which is part of the mountain Inthanon. (Thongchai mountain road east) is the highest peak in Thailand.

     The terrain consists of mountains. There is Doi Inthanon, the highest peak. Height from sea level to 2,565 meters [2] peak at a higher level, followed by Hill's head ant royal high from sea level to 2330 meters Forest Inthanon is the source of the River Mom Central Pa's sponsor parent shells. Mae and her mother's story as part of the Mae Ping river. The electric power dam Uniquely beautiful natural waterfalls, especially Mae Ya. The most beautiful of the country.


Doi Inthanon originally named. "Mount Royal Ang Ka" was later named after the name of God's love in Tavich. The ruler of Chiang Mai on the seventh.


The tropical air from the foothills to the warm tropical mountains.

Flora and Fauna

Park in the Forest is a forest pine forest and mixed forest teak Showcase Black favorites Hiang ebony red wooden doors, wooden Rkฟga wood wooden Geddes red wooden remember timber Tabak, etc. There are also wild flowers. Fah Mui to see, such as elephants, wild roses and red shoes for Moss popped inverted Osman Posada is generally high.


But the wildlife in the park is a small number. Because he was the To hunt for food Current surviving animals were tigers, wild boar, bear, deer, chamois Goral Gibbons hare and grouse.


Oreoglanis Doi Inthanon A small freshwater fish in the catfish species in sisoridae found only one in the world. The stream of water flowing on the mountain Inthanon. And Doi Inthanon National Park At an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level, current endangered status already.



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