Wat Chedi Luang

  15 May 2016
Wat Chedi Luang Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang (the city: LN-Wat Chediluang.png) is a monastery in Chiang Mai. There are many names, including his own July Carmi Karam temple built during the reign of King Saen town. King Rama 7 Mang Dynasty. Not exactly the Year It is assumed that this temple would be built in the year 1928 - 1945 and has been renovated several times. The pagoda The current width of 60 meters, a pagoda that is more important, one of Chiang Mai.

Temple pagoda built in the heart of the city. Which was originally considered an administrative center of the Lanna Kingdom. Located at 103 King Prajadhipok Road Phra Singh Chiang Mai. Within an area measuring about 32 rai 1 ngan 27 square wah.


Hulsakrach 289 (BE 1874) Phaya Phu please create Chiang Saen and four years later he built the cathedral in the town of Chiang Saen [2] is one of the Chedi Luang temple of God, which is in its capital. Chiang Saen The reign of a city which was the son of King Kue Na. While there, he hits the 39-year inciting him to please build the Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai. But not completed, died. His queen, the empress. Please, do not finish top of the Chedi Luang.

Phra Kaew year 2055 along with the cities. Money do walled three-storey Chedi Luang 254 kg silver, then took money redeemed for gold of 30 kilograms, then spread a thick sheet covering the Chedi Luang. When combined with platinum-clad pagoda royal legacy. Weight 2382.517 kg of gold


The period around 2088 Chiraprapha. The earthquake in San Francisco. As a result, total net capital pagoda collapses. The Chedi Luang, it was left abandoned for over 400 years until the year 2423 Inthawichayanon. The ruler of Chiang Mai, the old temple was demolished seven and a newly built Grand Hall with a wooden back.

During the 2471-2481 period, major Kaew Nawarat. The last ruler of Chiang Mai. It is a decade of restoration of Wat Chedi Luang. Has been demolished ruins. Forest clearing up the air remains covered in pine Sena, and then build a new temple is complete at a later time.


Chedi Luang The restoration has been made by the Department of Fine Arts on June 4, 2533 with a budget of 35 million baht in renovations to be completed on 30 December 2535.


Originally named Wat Chedi Luang, "Karam temple" means monastery, but the bright glory. The place was packed the child element. And the relics of the Lord Buddha. There is a story connected to that. In Once Upon a Time When Ashoka sent Buddhist monk Figure 8 under the leadership of Ambassador overthrew Becket and the talents of the industry to propagate Buddhism in Suvarnabhumi. The region with Brought the relics were placed in a small pagoda three cubits high, built at the current location of the Chedi Luang. At that time, a 120-year-old man had a heart devoted to the worship of the oil-impregnated blankets. And predicted that Here in the future This is a large monastery named Karam. They took their belongings Lua worship Buddha relics. The pagodas three cubits high, and one is sacred.


There is also another meaning of the word "Karam" is the time of the candle lanterns to decorate the worship Phra Chedi Luang. Appears to be the bright light. A pagoda resembles a candle flame burning bright. I have great splendor. Visible from afar



Later changed his name to. "Wat Chedi Luang" in the North or the capital city means "Big" refers to the Chedi at large.

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