Baan Rai Khao Yai Khao Yai Organic Farm Farm Stay
Reopened on June 17, 2560 here.
That's where his new hot spot is. The fascination of the agricultural paths that are pretty hot.
The team would have to visit it once. Haha.
Hope to be soon.


*** Advice from #Isan reviews ***

News that the future will be homestay.
But now, just open the cafe zone. I went to visit and photographed.

Baan Khaoyai Khao Yai Cafe - Korat

Coordinates: (Khao Yai Korat) (Highway 2235) runs from Bangkok to Korat, turn right at the intersection next to the junction to Khao Yai. Go on And turn left at the end of the sky, then run the GPS, it is difficult to say Hahaha.
Open: Monday - Friday 09.00-18.00 (Saturday closed 19:00).
Contact number: 081 427 9725
Twitter: N / a
Instagram: N / a
Line id: N / a
Google Map:
The restaurant was opened around: June 17, 2017.

+ Thank you Map from Ban Kanokha Khao Yai Cafe - Korat




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